Paradis Is Reopening Tomorrow And Free Ice-Cream Is Coming

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Paradis Is Reopening Tomorrow And Free Ice-Cream Is Coming

It’s ice-cream season again!

We couldn’t have been more excited to hear that Paradis is re-opening again on March 6 for the Spring/Summer season. It’s that time of year when all Danes begin to agree that eating ice-cream is once again acceptable and Paradis is so happy to be opening that they’re offering two scoops of free ice-cream per person. All you have to do to redeem this offer is download an app from the website which will be announced later in March. Then you can just head to your local Paradis shop and redeem your code on the app for 2 free scoops of ice-cream. [Photos: @ParadisDanmark]

There are over 10 branches of Paradis in Copenhagen alone, with even more around the outskirts of the city. So, you should be able to find a local shop at which to stuff your face, and whilst you’re there you may as well indulge in some delicious bubble tea. Bubble tea originated in the 1980s in Taiwan. Many of you will have sampled this delicious delight yourselves, and we’re certainly excited to run out and buy some tomorrow. However, if you’ve never had it before think of it as quite a sweet tea with pearls, or bubbles of fruit or tapioca mixed into it.


The thing that really stands out about the bubble tea at Paradis is the flavours. You can buy tea shakes, with different types of ice cream mixed into the already delicious liquid. Oreo ice-cream tea shakes sound so tasty, but you can also opt for different fruit-flavoured ice-creams if that appeals more to you.

Check out the website to find your local Paradis and make sure to check it regularly for the new app, nobody wants to miss out on free ice-cream!

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