Reffen In Bringing Us A New Summer Festival This Weekend And It Sounds Amazing • Foxy

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Reffen In Bringing Us A New Summer Festival This Weekend And It Sounds Amazing • Foxy

And this weekend the weather is supposed to be dry!

We’re so glad that we can once again begin to have that elusive thing called a ‘social life’ after so long spent avoiding other humans. Now that we can do things again and enjoy the Summer, there’s no better place to do it than at Reffen’s new Summer festival. Reffen has always been a fantastic place to hang out, with delicious food, gorgeous views out over the water, and plenty of places to sit and soak up the sun.

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Now you can add live music to the list because at the new Foxy festival, plenty of amazing DJs will be there to provide us with the perfect soundtrack to stuffing our faces with food. From Thursday 8 July to Sunday 11 July loads of well-known names will be playing, including Thor De Force and Thøger Dixgaard. You can expect a mixture of genres, from jazz and funk to straight-up pop music.


On Thursday from 6 pm, there will be a long table dinner, with food from chef Bo Lindegaard. There will also be plenty of beers and cocktails to choose from, and if you’re not feeling Summery already then a cold beer in the sun will do the trick. Before the food comes, guests will have the opportunity to try their hand at beer tasting, and no, that doesn’t just mean glugging beer. A beer sommelier will be on hand to help everyone identify flavours and learn more about the unique taste of the beers.

If you can’t get enough of the beer tasting, you can try your hand (or palette) again on Friday, with beer expert Daniel Bjørk. This will take place at Werkstatt and if you’d like to book a ticket for Foxy, you can do so via the website. Social distancing will be practiced, and everybody will be seated, to make the experience safer for every guest.

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