Report Names Denmark The Second Most Sustainable Country In Europe

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Report Names Denmark The Second Most Sustainable Country In Europe

Denmark is looking to the future.

As social media influencers promote brands and people are exposed to more online content than ever before there’s a hunger in society for more and more stuff to own. Whether that’s cosmetics, cars, food items, or even clothes, it’s no secret that producing all of these things is bad for the environment.

One online retailer has measured the sustainability of countries around the world and the results are in – Denmark is the most second sustainable country in Europe. Several factors were considered when reviewing each country, such as rates of recycling, sustainable development, air pollution, and university sustainability.

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Denmark’s university sustainability score was the highest of all European countries at 95/100 and, the country received a rating of 52% for recycling rates. This isn’t as high as Belgium’s 55% but it’s certainly a respectable score.


The winner was, predictably, Sweden. With a score of  9.2/10, compared to Denmark’s 8.88/10. Finland also joined the leaderboard,  scoring a respectable 85.9. You can read the full report on the website.

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