Copenhagen Could Be Getting A New Swimming And Sunbathing Spot Soon

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

Copenhagen Could Be Getting A New Swimming And Sunbathing Spot Soon

Another place to cool off in the Summer.

In Copenhagen, people swim all year round, and it’s not uncommon to take a dip even in the Winter. However, the many harbour baths and swimming spots in Copenhagen are extremely popular in the Summer, especially when it’s scorchingly hot, as it has been this July.

There can never be enough, in our eyes, so we were happy to hear that Copenhagen could be getting another bathing zone very soon indeed. TV 2 Lorry has reported that the Culture And Leisure Administration for the city are looking into creating a new zone for sunbathing and swimming in Havnegade.


The area is so beautiful already, with a long waterfront and promenade, surrounded by lovely bars and restaurants. So, it would be the perfect spot in Nyhavn and offer amazing views over the water to Christianshavn. The water quality is supposedly good enough for swimming, so we have our fingers crossed for a permanent bathing site here.

Regardless of whether or not a permanent site is installed, there will be a temporary swimming spot around here between Inderhavnsbroen and The Standard, and that is expected to be ready for the public by September at the latest.

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