This Pop-Up Bar In Vesterbro Sells Takeaway Craft Beer, Ice-Cream And Flowers

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

This Pop-Up Bar In Vesterbro Sells Takeaway Craft Beer, Ice-Cream And Flowers

The perfect, covid-safe place to relax with a takeaway beer.

Enghave Plads 9 has been serving drinks to the people of Copenhagen for nearly a year now and we’ve been lapping it up. This pop-up bar opened in the summer of 2020, through a hatch at the front of the building, in order to serve people safely. People have been loving this approach to bartending, as the bars have been closed for so long now that having drinks served to you feels like a distant memory. [Photos: @Enghaveplads9]

On offer at Enghave Plads 9 is a range of high-quality craft beer which is so refreshing on a sunny day, but they also have different drinks to try. You can grab a coffee here and even add some liquor to make it Irish, or relax with a glass of wine. Plus, there are loads of non-alcoholic options like kombucha, a fermented tea that everyone should try at least once.


Feeling peckish? There are loads of snacks at Enghave Plads 9 to nibble on, and they have just confirmed that Olaf branded ice-cream is in stock, so you can enjoy an ice-lolly now that the weather is warming up. You can even buy fresh flowers and plants through this magic hatch in the wall that seems to serve just about anything. So, you can soak up the sun with your takeaway beer and delicious ice-cream, then take a bit of that spring-time sun home with you to make your day even more wonderful. If you’re going to visit, then please make sure you follow the government guidelines, to keep yourself and others safe.

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