8 Amazing Bars In Copenhagen To Visit Post-Pandemic

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman - Staff Writer

8 Amazing Bars In Copenhagen To Visit Post-Pandemic

We can still dream of drinks with friends…

Copenhagen is full of phenomenal bars with amazing drinks and exciting atmospheres. It’s a shame that right now we can’t visit these brilliant spots, but once the city returns to some semblance of normality we hope the streets of Copenhagen will once again be buzzing with people having a great time with friends and family. Until then, we’ll just have to fantasise about prospective summer nights spent at some of our city’s many fantastic bars.[Photos: @NIMB/ @StromBar]

1. Duck & Cover

📍Dasnnebrogsgade 6 Basement, 1660

This chic and comfortable bar in Vesterbro is the perfect place to head with your friends on a weekend or after work. The interior is so well-thought-out and comfy, so you can feel at ease whilst you chat, rather than perching uncomfortably atop a bar stool. Plus, they serve delicious cocktails the selection of which the bar changes seasonally, so there’s generally something new to try every time you visit. Check out the website for more details.

2. Brus

📍Guldbergsgade 29F, 2200

If delicious craft beer is your thing then you Brus is the perfect place to relax. Brus is actually a fully-functioning brewery with a grand total of 13 huge fermentation tanks, in which the hoppiest, tastiest and most refreshing beer is brewed. Feeling peckish after a couple of beers? Don’t worry, they serve amazing food too! If you weren’t already convinced to visit by the food and the beer, the bar also puts together special events, like the Korean pop-up last year, involving lots of fantastic Korean food and drink. The website has more details.

3. Kyros & Co

📍Teglgårdstræde 13, 1452

Kyros & Co is ready and raring to open because they haven’t yet had a chance to open to the public. We can’t wait to visit. The interior looks so comfortable and they have developed several ‘culinary cocktails’ for us all to try once they open. Visit the website for more information on this new bar.

4. Nimb

📍Bernstorffsgade 5, 1577

Nimb is located within Tivoli and it serves such amazing cocktails. They’re inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales and everyone should try one (alcoholic or virgin) at least once.

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5. R Vinbar

📍Gl. Mønt 14, 1117

If you love wine then you’re going to love R Vinbar, but only if you love wine. They don’t serve cocktails or spirits, only wine, and we respect that because it means they have loads of expertise to share. It’s a lovely place to get cosy and sip yourself some vino. You can read more about the bar on the website.

6. Ved Stranden 10

📍Ved Stranden 10, 1061

You’ve probably seen Ved Stranden 10 before. It’s a beautiful, waterfront bar and restaurant with ample seating once the terrace is open. A perfect place to meet friends and enjoy an afternoon sitting in the sunlight with a tasty drink in your hand. Read more about the bar on the website.

7. Strøm Bar

📍Niels Hemmingsens Gade 32, 1153

This art-deco cocktail bar is so pretty that you might not want to leave once you’ve finished your beautifully crafted cocktails. Two brothers opened this bar and you can feel a fraternal kind of atmosphere because everybody serving drinks is so friendly. Head to their website for more information on the bar.

8. The Barking Dog

📍Sankt Hans Gade 19, 2200

The Barking Dog is a brilliant place to visit if you’re looking for a chilled-out vibe in Copenhagen. It’s comfortable, has a lovely warm atmosphere, and plenty of tasty drinks to relax with. It’s great for after-work drinks because it’s the sort of place where you can really have a conversation and sit on some lovely soft sofas. Visit the website to read more about the bar.

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