Denmark Eases Restrictions And Re-Opens To EU Or Schengen Tourists

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Denmark Eases Restrictions And Re-Opens To EU Or Schengen Tourists

Denmark is entering a new phase of travel restrictions.

It’s good news for Danish citizens with friends and family living abroad, within the EU, or in a Schengen country. Residents of these countries will now be able to travel to Denmark without having to provide a worthy reason for their visit if the countries are in Denmark’s ‘orange’ or ‘gul’ travel categories.

The new rules on entering the country came into force last night (Thursday), at 12 midnight and already people will be getting excited about the prospect of being reunited with loved ones. However, if a country is in Denmark’s ‘rød’ category, travellers will still need to provide a worthy reason for coming to Denmark in order to enter the country.

Worthy reasons for coming to Denmark include:

  • Working in Denmark
  • Studying in Denmark
  • Attending a business meeting in Denmark
  • Transporting good to Denmark or providing a service to the country
  • Having close family in Denmark (eg. spouse, parent or sibling)
  • Travelling with a close family member who has a diplomatic passport
  • Travelling to attend to a seriously ill or dying family member
  • Attending the funeral or burial of a close family member
  • Owning property here.

There are other reasons for which you can enter Denmark from a ‘rød’ country, so it’s a good idea to consult the government website if you are planning on having visitors from one of these countries. If you urgently need clarification on the situation, you can contact the Danish embassy in the ‘rød’ country and/or contact the ‘rød’ country’s embassy in Denmark.


Visitors to Denmark from outside of the EU or Schengen area do not need a worthy excuse to visit if their country is in the ‘gul’ category. However, if it’s in the ‘orange’ category they need to provide a worthy reason for coming to Denmark. However, Danish people living abroad who have been fully vaccinated, whether in EU countries or not, will not have to self-isolate when coming to Denmark, and will not have to undertake tests for the virus either.

Tourists who want to enter Denmark from border areas like Skåne can travel to holiday homes in Denmark without having to self-isolate. The Danish government is set to release a full list of countries with their colour categories later this afternoon, so we’ll be updating this article once that list has been released.

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