This Copenhagen Pizzeria Serves The Tastiest Takeaway Vegan Food • POW

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This Copenhagen Pizzeria Serves The Tastiest Takeaway Vegan Food • POW

You’ll want a pizza this.

POW Vegan Pizzeria started out in 2019 with a mission to make vegan food that actually tastes delicious, rather than the protein-less, taste-less mush vegans often receive at non-specialist restaurants. The truth is that vegans love indulgent, rich-tasting food just as much as the next person, and so POW created a menu that acknowledged this fact and really did pack some flavour punch. [Photos:@PowVeganPizza/Facebook]

Honestly, the vegan food is so good that even meat-eaters could be convinced to try it, and wouldn’t be able to taste the difference. It’s the kind of place to which you could bring your friends and family and hear no complaints from the meat-lovers present. However, at the moment the only option is to order takeaway (although this could soon change), but there is an extensive menu to choose from, so let’s dive in!

There are no soggy bases at this pizzeria, as the dough is made to be crisp and delicious, and you can order a whole variety of vegan proteins, cheeses and toppings to go with it. The most innovative is their vegan kebab meat, and we love a good serving of kebab meat on a pizza at Secret Kobenhavn. If kebab meat isn’t your thing, then you can get that savoury, juicy taste from the vegan ham and pepperoni too.

Once you’ve chosen your toppings, you have a whole host of delicious sauces to choose from too. Whether you’re looking for a traditional tomato sauce, a white sauce or even a Hokkaido pumpkin puree, they have it all. We would recommend the Hokkaido puree if you’ve never tried it before because it really is a unique experience.


For an added 20 DKK your pizza can be made gluten-free, except those with toppings containing gluten (the Rio, Berlin and Katla). Once you’ve stuffed all of that lovely pizza in your tummy if you’re craving something sweet they have a range of delicious vegan ice cream in a variety of tasty flavours. Plus, their selection of drinks is the most intriguing we have seen from any takeaway in the city. It includes juice from the baobab tree, which tastes phenomenal, a hibiscus drink, and even one containing moringa.

So, if you’re looking for some tasty takeaway vegan pizza, you can from POW on the Wolt site, or pick your order up from the pizzeria at Kapelvej 5, 2200 København N. You can view the menu on the POW website.

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