6 Unique Waterside Terraces In Copenhagen For Drinks With A Beautiful View

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6 Unique Waterside Terraces In Copenhagen For Drinks With A Beautiful View

Where to enjoy a few drinks waterside.

It’s not always sunny in Copenhagen, but when it is we want to take advantage of it, and the best way to do that is to sit with a delicious drink looking out over one of our gorgeous waterways. If that sounds good to you then there are plenty of places to find that experience. Whether you want to be right in the centre of Copenhagen or would prefer a quieter spot somewhere further out. Here are our top picks for waterside terraces:

1. Vandvid

📍Ben Websters Vej 3, 2450

This lovely restaurant is literally located on a boat. So, you can’t really get more ‘waterfront’ than Vandvid, and during the Summer months, they serve food on the deck so you can enjoy the view even more. All of the food is locally sourced, and sometimes you’re even allowed to swim in the water by the boat, which is generally very clean. You can read more about this fantastic place on the website.


2. Seaside Toldboden

📍Nordre Toldbod 18-24, 1259
Seaside Toldboden sits at the end of Langelinie, and with a grand total of 7 kitchens and a bar, it’s the perfect place to spend some time relaxing by the water. It hasn’t been open long but locals love it already. You can book a table on the website.

3. Reffen

📍Refshalevej 167 Unit A, 1432
Jutting out into the Øresund, Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food has the best views of the water and an amazing atmosphere to boot. Here, street food chefs have set up shop in old shipping containers, offering food from over 17 different cuisines. Visit the website to read more about the stalls.

4. Undici

📍Wilders Pl. 11, 1403
This gorgeous Italian restaurant on Strandgade serves simple, delicious food by the water. With fantastic views ansd good wine, we could spend the whole evening here. Visit the website to read the menu.

5. Kayak Bar

📍Børskaj 12, 1221
This bar is attached to a harbour filled with kayak boats, ready to be taken out on an adventure. There’s also an on-site sauna and it is, of course, right by the water. Kayak Bar offers spectacular views and it’s a fantastic place to really let loose and have some fun. You can book activities and tables on the website.

6. Christianhavns Faergecafeen

📍Strandgade 50, 1401
What could be better than traditional Danish food and drink aboard a ferry overlooking the water? How about adding homemade schnapps to the mix? You can experience all of this onboard Christianhavns Faergecafeen, and the menu is available on the website.

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