The Secret Kobenhavn Guide To Christianshavn: Where To Eat Visit And Drink

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The Secret Kobenhavn Guide To Christianshavn: Where To Eat Visit And Drink

Christianshavn has been a part of Copenhagen city since the 17th century, and it really is a beautiful place to visit. Nowadays you’ll find such a diverse population of people living in Christianshavn, from young professionals who’ve just moved to the city to families who have lived here forever.

Accordingly, you can find something for everyone in this part of Copenhagen. From the stunning Copenhagen Opera House which is once again scheduling performances, to Freetown Christiania, one of the most famous communes in the world, known for its liberal approach to cannabis consumption.

It’s an incredibly vibrant area and right now there are fewer tourists in the area so it’s the perfect time to really explore this part of Copenhagen. You might find that you come across fascinating things you’ve never seen before and plenty of things worth coming back for. Here are our favourite places to eat, visit and drink in Christianshavn:

Top 5 places to eat

1. Parterre

📍Overgaden Oven Vandet 90, 1415

If you’re looking for a good, hearty breakfast to start the day right, you should definitely head to Parterre. Here they serve delicious coffee and filling breakfasts with plenty of vegetables and tasty rye bread. Plus, the atmosphere is so welcoming that you’ll want to go back again and again. You can read the menu on the Facebook page.

2. Noma

📍Refshalevej 96, 1432

Noma is renowned across Copenhagen for serving fantastic, creative food and this has earned the restaurant 2 Michelin stars. So, this recommendation is for those of you looking to splash out on the cost of a Michelin star meal and it is definitely very pricey. The Summer menu will set you back DKK 2,800, so you’d better get raiding those piggy banks. However, it is a very unique experience, eating at Noma, and plenty of hard-up foodies save up to go every year. You can read the menu and book a table on the website.

3. Cafe Wilder

📍Wildersgade 56, 1408

If you’re not looking to break the bank, you can opt for a less pricey but still pretty fancy dinner at Cafe Wilder. They serve delicious steak here, and you can even buy fried guinea fowl, but they don’t offer many vegetarian options. So, if you eat meat, you’ll love this place but if you don’t, it’s better to try another of our suggestions. You can read the menu for yourself on the website.

4. Lagkagehuset

📍Torvegade 45, 1400

If you’re craving a snack or something sweet, head to Lagkagehuset and you’ll have a variety of delicious, freshly baked treats to choose from. There are several Lagkagehuset locations all over Copenhagen and each is as amazing as the last. Check out the website to see some more tempting photos of cakes and pastries.

5. No.2

📍Nicolai Eigtveds Gade 32, 1402

No. 2 is another Michelin star restaurant, and we certainly have a lot of those in Copenhagen! However, No. 2 is significantly less pricey than Noma, at DKK 475 per head for the full, evening menu. Plus, it’s a great place to bring vegetarians and vegans because their vegetarian menu offers incredibly flavourful dishes. You can see the full menu and book a table on the website.

Top 5 places to visit

1. Church Of Our Saviour

📍Sankt Annæ Gade 29, 1416

The Church Of Our Saviour has to be one of the most beautiful churches in Copenhagen, with its intricate and impressive decoration and a gorgeous staircase leading to the most amazing views of Copenhagen. If you visit on a clear day you can see so much of the city from this fantastic viewpoint.


2. Green George

📍Sydområdet 30, 1440

Artist Thomas Dambo hails from Copenhagen and he makes the most amazing artwork from recycled materials. One of these fantastic sculptures happens to be in Christianshavn, just around the corner from the Church of our Saviour and it’s named Green George. Like all of the other trolls created by Dambo, Green George is made from recycled or repurposed materials, and you can see them all over Copenhagen.

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3. Christiania Art Gallery

📍Fabriksområdet 94a, 1440

A lot of tourists and locals alike come to Christiania and go to Pusher Street, where drugs and drug paraphernalia are sold. However, there is so much more to Christiania, and we would strongly advise against buying drugs and taking them out of Christiania, as they are not legal in Denmark. What is completely legal though, is visiting this fantastic art gallery that showcases the creative minds of Christiania. Even the outside of the building is painted in the brightest, most vibrant colours, and inside there’s tons of great artwork to admire. Check out the website to see more about the gallery.

4. North Atlantic House

📍Strandgade 91, 1401 København

It’s so fascinating to learn about different parts of the world and different cultures, and whilst the Faroe Islands may be a part of Denmark, they are situated just above Scotland, giving them a very distinct cultural history. You can learn more about the Faroe Islands at North Atlantic House and, honestly, we could spend hours here looking at the artifacts and exhibitions. Check out the website to book your visit.

5. The canals by boat

Christianshavn is made up of several little islands, and seeing it by boat on a sunny day is one of the best things you can do here. You can hire a sustainable boat from Friendships and even drive it yourself, without a boating license. It’s 490 DKK to hire a boat for an hour, and you get to see Christianshavn from a whole different perspective. You can book a slot on the website.

Top 3 places to drink

1. Christiania Bryghus

If you like your beer with hemp in it, you’re in luck, because every single beer in Christiania Bryghus is brewed with hemp. It actually does make the beer really tasty, and there’s something very unique about it, so it’s worth trying even if just for the experience. If you do end up liking it, you can join the BrygNitterne club and get discounted beer, with loads of other little perks. Check out the website for more information on this lovely brewhouse.

2. Christianshavns Beboerhus

Christianshavns Beboerhus hosts some of the most interesting and innovative musicians, from a variety of genres, cultures, and countries across the world. It’s always exciting to see live music here, and they are running events now, for which you can book tickets on the website.

3. Café Nemoland

Café Nemoland’s huge, sunny terrace is the perfect place for a cold beer after an exciting day exploring Christianshavn. They serve food too but the atmosphere and lovely sunshine are what really brings people to Café Nemoland. Check out the Facebook page to see the menu.

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