Nørrebro Has Been Named The Coolest Neighborhood In The World

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Nørrebro Has Been Named The Coolest Neighborhood In The World

Nørrebro has it all!

Everywhere you look in Nørrebro there’s something happening, so it’s no surprise to find it on the list of the 49 coolest districts in the world that’s been recently released by Time Out. In fact, our neighborhood is so brilliant that Nørrebro actually took the number one slot, just confirming what we already knew.

It’s fantastic when Copenhagen gets the international acclaim it deserves, and just as two of the city’s restaurants were named the best in the world, we now have the coolest neighborhood too!

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So what caught the eye of the people surveyed? Well, a number of factors were cited, including historical landmarks – and after all, Assistens Kirkegård has to be one of the most famous cemeteries in the world. Here you’ll find the final resting places of H.C.Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard, and Niels Bohr.


Plus, there are tons of incredible restaurants alongside plenty of fantastic bars. So, you’re never too far from fun in this very central part of the city. Last year Nørrebro fell short of the top stop by quite a way, ranking 28th. However, this year it’s skyrocketed its way to the top, followed by Andersonville in Chicago, in second place. Just where it belongs!

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